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Well its been a long time since i  stopped by so i will take this opportunity to thank all the  musicians , players, bands, fans and commentators for your support and i am truly grateful for your input…THANX A MILLION!

Welcome to cool -guitars where you will find information, recources and discussions about the guitar, guitar lessons, guitar classes, guitars for beginners, how to play a guitar, learn guitar online free, learn guitar, how to you play guitar and generally all you need to get you playing, get you inspired and then  more to keep you happy as you will ever be! Cheers for coming over and have a guitar playing day!

My Top 20 Most Influential Guitarists Of All Time

O.K… so I have had allot… and I mean allota people ask/ write me asking for my influences. This list, by no means is definite as I have left out my punk, heavy metal, reggae, jazz and classical influences deliberately, was as close as I could get without going overboard and turning this post into a super list. I hope some of the names get you looking them up on You Tube or wherever you want for inspiration and some good old electric guitar mayhem. As I say have fun and just play! Cheers, Admin.
20.Buddy Guy
18.Jimmy Page
17.Buddy Guy
16.Eric Clapton
15.Robert Johnson
14.Muddy Waters
13.Allan Holdsworth
12.Joe Satriani
11.Eddie Van Halen
10.Steve Vai
9.Yngwie Malmsteen
8.Keith Richards
7.Stevie Ray Vaughan
6.John Lee Hooker
5.Frank Zappa
4.Johnny Winter
3.Chuck Berry
2.Randy Rhoads
1.Jimmy Hendrix

Of course feel free to comment with your lists or any guitarists out there who you feel deserve a mention..

sweet child o mine/ guitar cover riff only

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Jay plays some Eddie Van Halen guitar riff’s

Well, I’ll play some of EVH’s fameous riff’s & licks during 3 minutes, and does some other tapping licks…just for fun and maybe for some “show off” reason …
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Random Guitar Riffs

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100 Greatest Guitar Riffs Part 3

the greatest guitar riffs part 3.Sorry there is no sound on number 36.I tried to fix it but it never worked.

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Riffs

It’s so hard to rank anything by Led Zeppelin so a few of these can be swapped around. Comments will be appreciated, as long as they’re not harsh!

My acoustic guitar riff recorded with Taylor DN3 acoustic guitar. More sounds at:

How to write awesome guitar riffs! ONE HOUR VIDEO FREE!

Learn how to write your own awesome guitar riffs by learning and applying the techniques explained in this video tutorial. It will at least provide you with …

Learn Electric Guitar Lessons – How to play The Godfather – Easy Guitar Riffs

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